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Small Claims Court Paralegal Services. Are you currently dealing with a breach of contract? Have you found yourself in a situation where agreements have been broken and promises have gone unfulfilled? Have you delivered services or products only to be met with excuses instead of payments, leaving you with unpaid debts?

Are you struggling with property damages caused by someone’s negligence, which have resulted in financial losses and stress? Have you suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence, leaving you with pain, bills, and unanswered questions?

Do you have unpaid wages? Or are you a model tenant but now wrestle with an unreturned security deposit? Have you been wronged through faulty goods or services that didn’t deliver on their promise?

Have you been left with unfinished work after paying for a job, or are you struggling to enforce a judgment that was rightfully yours? Maybe it’s about recovering possessions that belong to you but are unjustly held by another.

Each of these situations carries its own weight of frustration, confusion, and a sense of injustice.

Fortunately, the Small Claims Court in Ontario is available for those seeking redress. However, navigating the complex maze of the Small Claims Court can be intimidating and overwhelming. Find out how a small claims court paralegal can help.

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Landlord & Tenant Paralegal Services. Are you a landlord dealing with tenants who consistently fail to pay rent on time or breach lease terms? Or are you a tenant facing an eviction notice despite meeting all your obligations?

As a landlord, have you made all necessary repairs and maintenance but still faced complaints or legal threats? As a tenant, do you live with recurring issues in your rented property, affecting your quality of life, yet your concerns are being ignored?

Are you navigating the complexities of a lease agreement, uncertain about your rights and responsibilities? Or are you grappling with disputes over security deposits, with neither party agreeing on the deductions?

As a tenant, have you been denied your rightful privacy, with landlords making unannounced visits or inspections? Or, as a landlord, have you faced property damages beyond normal wear and tear, leaving you with hefty repair bills?

Are you dealing with disagreements regarding lease renewals or terminations, trying to figure out how to proceed without escalating the matter?

Has your rent been suddenly increased without proper notice or justification? Or are you a landlord struggling with tenants who refuse to vacate the premises despite lease terminations?

Each of these situations can be frustrating and may have legal implications.

Fortunately, Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) provides a platform for resolving such disputes. Yet, understanding and navigating its procedures can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the legal processes and procedures. Find out how a landlord and tenant paralegal can help you navigate the LTB rules of procedure.

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Traffic Tickets Paralegal Services. Have you been handed a traffic ticket that you believe was unjust? Are you facing hefty fines that threaten to disrupt your finances?

Were you caught off-guard by a speeding ticket even when you were certain you were within the limit? Or you’ve been cited for a parking violation in a spot you believed was legal.

Have you received a red light camera ticket but doubt its accuracy or believe there was a valid reason for your actions? Are demerit points piling up, putting your driving privileges at risk?

Are you dealing with accusations of reckless or impaired driving that you fervently dispute? Or have you been ticketed for not using seat belts or for using a phone, even when you were adhering to safety precautions?

Have you been summoned to court over a traffic violation and feel overwhelmed by the legal proceedings ahead? Or perhaps you’re grappling with increased insurance premiums due to these tickets?

Each of these situations isn’t just about the ticket; it’s about your rights, money, and peace of mind.

The traffic court in Ontario offers a platform for contesting these tickets, but its proceedings can be intricate and intimidating. The stakes are high, with potential implications for your driving record, insurance rates, and livelihood. Find out how a traffic ticket paralegal can steer you through this challenging terrain, advocating for your rights and working towards the best possible outcome.

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Notary Public Paralegal Services Toronto. Are you in need of authenticating a crucial document? Have you been searching for a way to verify the legitimacy of a document before presenting it to a government agency or an institution?

Do you need an affidavit for a pending case or transaction? Are you an international traveler requiring your documents to be notarized for use abroad?

Have you been asked for a certified true document copy and are trying to figure out where to turn? Are you amid an important transaction and require a witness to ensure everything is legally binding? Or you’re finalizing a vital agreement and need an impartial party to oversee the signing.

Do you need to draft a consent letter for your child’s international travel but want to ensure it’s appropriately notarized? Have you been entrusted with the role of an executor and need to prove a will’s validity?

Each one of these scenarios emphasizes the importance of trustworthiness and legal clarity.

We offer Notary Public services for all such needs. Whether you’re authenticating personal documents, finalizing business deals, or just ensuring that your paperwork is legally sound, our notarial services ensure that every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ is crossed. Find out how our Notary Public can provide you with the assurance that your documents stand up in any legal or official setting. Schedule Appointment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide as a paralegal in Ontario?


As a licensed paralegal in Ontario, I provide various paralegal services, particularly representation in Small Claims Court, assistance with Landlord and Tenant matters, handling Traffic Tickets, and offering Notary Public services.


Your decision on whether to hire a lawyer or a paralegal often depends on the nature and complexity of your legal matter. For many routine legal issues, such as small claims disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and traffic violations, a licensed paralegal can provide cost-effective and efficient assistance in these paralegal services areas.


To initiate a legal case with us, simply book a preliminary consultation. We will analyze and discuss your case, explain the process, and walk you through the necessary steps to retain us.


Our fees may vary based on the nature and complexity of the paralegal services required. We provide a free 5-minute consultation at the outset to understand the issue and discuss the costs for legal representation.

For limited scope representation, our rates range from $500 to $1500 plus HST, depending on the stages of the small claims court process to be covered. On average, our legal representation costs $1000 + HST, which includes representation up to the settlement conference hearing.


To sue someone in Ontario, you must first determine the appropriate court to file your claim. If the claim is for $35,000 or less, you will file the claim at the Small Claims court. If the claim exceeds $35,000, then you would typically file it in the Superior Court of Justice. Once you have identified the appropriate court, you must complete the necessary forms and pay the filing fees. You will then need to serve the claim on the defendant, who will have an opportunity to respond. Depending on the court rules and procedures, a lot could occur between filing, trial, and judgment enforcement. The process can be complex and time-consuming. A licensed paralegal can represent you in court and help you achieve the best possible outcome.


The timeline for resolving a legal matter can vary significantly depending on the nature of the case, court schedules, and other factors. You can resolve small claims matters within weeks if both parties settle amicably. However, if the parties fail to reach an agreement, some small claims and LTB matters can take up to a year to resolve.


For all paralegal service matters. You can contact us through the appointment form (preferred), email, or phone (by appointment only). To book a consultation, simply schedule an appointment with us.

What Our Clients Say?

I couldn’t be happier with the legal services provided by Myparalegal. They assisted me in filing a small claim and guided me through every step of the process. I highly recommend them.

Timi Idris


I was facing a complex landlord and tenant issue, but Myparalegal made it seem effortless. Their experience in handling such cases was truly invaluable. Thank you!

Saeedah Mohammed


Dealing with a traffic ticket can be a hassle, but with the help of Myparalegal, the process became much smoother and less stressful. I appreciate their services. I highly recommend them!

Shakuur Shakeer

College Student

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